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KluDX is a simple program for Windows Vista & XP that shows you information about the capabilities of different video cards.

Download KluDX.

Submit your information

We wish to ask you to send your information to us.

Please press Submit button in application to send data to our server. We collect information about video cards.

This program does not send any information about you, your computer or your file system.

How to check DirectX and OpenGL capabilities of video cards?

Download program from KluDX page, unzip file and start kludx.exe.

Browse capabilities with tabs of categorized lists. You can check common, vertice, rendering, texture, buffer, pixel shader (fragment shader) and vertex shader capabilities and resolutions of your hardware. You can switch between your video cards.

How to browse capabilities of other video cards?

Select Browse capabilities or Browse video cards page from menu on the left.

Browse capabilities

Select capability from grouped list and you can check support by video cards.

Browse video cards

Select video card from grouped by vendors list and you can check support of capabilities.